Hi, I'm Stephanie

I am a "micro-business" strategist, and work to help creators shift from making just a few dollars here and there, to creating consistent income and building a sustainable handmade business.

People come to me because...

  • They need to be available for kids, but still need income

  • Traditional 9-5 jobs don't light them up

  • Making time for family and friends is a huge priority

  • They feel they have something amazing but don't know how to share it.

In 2015, I found myself a SAHM and living in a new state all at once. This was a huge struggle for me, and on top of that we had $80,000 in student loan debt, were upside down on our home, and expecting kid #2. Work had been a huge part of my identity, but more than that we were barely paying our bills each month.

I needed to find a way to bring in more money that also worked around parenting a 10 month old and an exhausting pregnancy.

I had been sewing and selling bags as a "pocket change" endeavor, and realized that if I could figure it out, this could be a really great opportunity to bring in the money we needed, on my schedule. I spoke regularly with a mentor, identifying what needed to happen for me to reach these goals.

I realized that I could grow my hobby into a profitable business, if I treated it as one.

Learning about marketing, pricing, and production seemed abstract, but working with a mentor helped me quadruple my revenue in a year, and grow so fast that I had to bring on help. I want other parents to realized they can build a business creating and selling something they love, and not only provide for their family but have the flexibility we need to manage it all.

Maybe you aren't drowning in bills, or wondering how to feel fulfilled as a SAHP, but at some point in your life you've wished that you could do something to increase your income without more stress, and be able to take time off with sick kids without worrying about losing pay.

Creating a business that you make, that is 100% yours, provides opportunity for your family, your community, and your kids. Building a business can change your family tree.

Stephanie's Bio

Stephanie Desaulniers is a small business strategist and online educator who teaches home-based artisans, makers and creative entrepreneurs how to create a product- based business they love, without having to take time away from their families. Businesses that Stephanie has worked with have added second locations, hired team members for the first time, and seen an increase in profits even during COVID. She has appeared on PALive! And Business News Daily to talk about the value of small businesses in the local economy, and especially women-owned and run operations.

A graduate of Miami University, Stephanie majored in geology. Before starting her own business, she worked as an environmental scientist, a small business owner, and the Director of Operations at an entrepreneurial resource center. Stephanie recognizes that women are the driving force in many families, and wants to support moms and wives as they strive to grow legitimate businesses out of their homes. She lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and their family dog.

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